It's Competition Time!


TWR #96 Competition - Winner

Well, we were very generous to you in our last edition, weren’t we folks? And the competitions in that edition proved extremely popular and our congratulations to the lucky winners who should have received their prizes by now we hope.

Thanks once again to the good people at Warner Music, we have another batch of Phil Collins goodies to offer up for you to win this time round in the shape of pair of the second set of re-issues which comprise Hello, I Must be Going and Dance Into The Light. To win a set of these two albums all you have to do is answer the following questions correctly:

1. What was the date and venue of Phil’s first solo gig? A: 21st November 1982, Congresgebouw, Netherlands

2. What was the name given to Phil’s touring band on the 1982 tour? A: The Fabulous Jacuzzis

3. Lorenzo was based on the true story of which child? A: Lorenzo Odone

The winner of this competition was Danial Albert.


Stay tuned for more competitions in future issues of TWR.