Genesis Quiz.

There were prizes for this back in 1987 but this time round have a go for the fun of it!

1. Who replaced Anthony Phillips on guitar?

2. What is/was “The Movement”?

3. Who wrote the book "Till We Have Faces"?

4. Which film did Peter Gabriel audition for?

5. Where and when did Genesis perform their first overseas gig?

6. Where did Genesis premiere Supper’s Ready?

7. What was the original title of the Hackett song, part of which ended up on Eleventh Earl Of Mar?

8. Which band did Phil apply to for an audition but never attended?

9. Who was the first DJ to play a Genesis record?

10. Which comedy stars appear in the promo video for All I Need Is A Miracle?

11. Who/What is San Jacinto?

12. Where was the White Mountain bootleg LP recorded?

13. In which city was the Duchess promotional video recorded?

14. Which other artist has Steve Hackett’s ex- bassist, Chas Cronk played with?

15. What was the alternative title of That Voice Again?

16. How many copies of the stereo edition of From Genesis To Revelation were initially sold?

17. At which Lamb..gig did the stage nearly catch fire?

18. How many UK singles has Tony Banks released?

19. Who were the Italian band who supported Genesis on their first European tour?

20. In which city was Anthony Phillips’ rock musical “Alice” performed?