The Genesis Video Archive - Part 1

Some of you may remember this item from the Genesis Information Magazine when it was compiled by Alan. This article is hopefully the first of an on-going project to illustrate the development of the group and its off-shoots as portrayed on video and film. All the items mentioned in this article are in the possession of the editors of The Waiting Room unless otherwise marked (*). Any additional information will be gratefully received.

Stagnation + interview (B & W) Italian TV 1972 10 Minutes
“Rock Of The Seventies” Belgian TV 1972 30 Minutes
Sherbrooke University Private recording shot on Super 8mm film silent 1973 3 Minutes (*)
Chicago Private recording shot on Super 8mm film silent 1974 10 Minutes (*)
Santa Monica As above 1974 20 Minutes (*)
Montreal University There are two different versions of this footage, each with different material on them 21/4/74 40 Minutes (*)
Midnight Special US TV 21/12/74 30 Minutes
Supper’s Ready US TV 1974 25 Minutes
“Tony Stratton Smith Presents Genesis In Concert”
Official Film 1974 63 Minutes
Grand Rapids MI Private recording 1975 4 Minutes (*)
Hamburg/Kiel Private recording 1975 5 Minutes
Robbery, Assault & Battery Promotional video 1976 6 Minutes
“In Concert” Official Film 1976 45 Minutes

That concludes the first part of the “Archive”. Future issues will carry updates and complete video details of solo releases by all the members of Genesis past and present. Obviously, the above is by no means complete, and if any of you out there have any info on videos not listed, please let us know.