The Genesis Video Archive Part Two - The Later Years.

Here is part two of the article investigating the development of the band’s on/off relationship with the medium of film and video. With the growing importance of the “promotional” video format, the group have increasingly used it to increase the sales of albums and singles. In recent years there has been an increase in private films of the group’s concerts made by individual fans for their own use with hand-held video cameras. Although the quality of such films is not equal to official releases, such films are increasingly sought after by other fans as another source of material for their collections and have been included in this listing for the sake of completeness. The writers must stress however, that such recordings are strictly ILLEGAL and we have no knowledge of how they may be obtained.

Mike Douglas Show US TV 10 Minutes.
Rainbow Theatre London Japanese TV 12 and 8 Minutes
(Two different films exist one containing two songs and the other, three)
Firth Of Fifth Japanese TV 5 Minutes
Seconds Out (Promotional Film) 20 Minutes

Follow You Follow Me (Promotional film) 4 Minutes
Many Too Many (Promotional film) 4 Minutes
Three Dates With Genesis BBC TV 50 Minutes
Vienna Stadthalle Austrian TV 20 Minutes
Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo Japanese TV 25 Minutes

Turn It On Again (Promotional Film) 4 Minutes
Turn It On Again Top Of The Pops BBC TV 4 Minutes
TISWAS ITV 3 Minutes
Duchess (Promotional film) 4 Minutes
Live In Liverpool ITV 45 Minutes
Lyceum Ballrooms London 7.5.80 BBC TV 40 Minutes
Lyceum Ballrooms London 6-7.5.80 BBC TV 132 Minutes
(Both shows were filmed in their entirety by the BBC but remain unbroadcast)

Abacab (Promotional film) 5 minutes
Abacab Top Of The Pops BBC TV 4 Minutes
Abacab Top Pop Dutch TV 5 Minutes
Abacab Music Box German TV 5 Minutes
Palais Des Sports Lyon Private film 8 Minutes
Keep It Dark (Promotional film) 4 Minutes
No Reply At All (Promotional film) 4 Minutes
NYTV interview (Live At Five) US TV 5 Minutes

Paperlate Top Of The Pops BBC TV 4 Minutes
Paperlate NA SOWAS German TV 4 Minutes
Paperlate St Vincente Italian TV 4 Minutes
Three Sides Live (Sales promotion campaign film) 10 Minutes
Three Sides Live (Official video) 90 Minutes
CNE Grandstand Toronto 28.9.82 Private film 115 Minutes

Mama (Promotional film) 6 Minutes
Mama (Gian & Rick Follies) Italian TV 5 Minutes
Mama (Bananas) German TV 4 Minutes
Mama/Home By The Sea (Premiatissima) Italian TV 8 Minutes
Mama (Superflash) Italian TV 4 Minutes
TV AM interview ITV 8 Minutes
Live In America (Shortened TV broadcast version of Three Sides Live film)
ITV 55 Minutes
Montreal Forum 21.11.83 Private film 150 minutes
That’s All (Promotional film) 4 Minutes
That’s All (Late, Late Breakfast Show) BBC TV 4 Minutes
TV AM interview ITV 8 Minutes
Five Songs Live Belgian TV 25 Minutes
The Mama Tour (Official Video) 102 Minutes

The final instalment will be in our next issue and takes the story right up to the present. Any info on other material will be appreciated.