"Steppin’ Out" - Daryl Stuermer’s new album reviewed by Elliott Ware.

Daryl’s album has been available in the UK since December 1988 and was issued on tape, LP and CD. It was recorded at Genesis’ studio ; The Farm in Surrey along with Los Angeles and Lake Geneva. It was recorded between August and September 1987.

The album is called Steppin’Out and features eight tracks: Kyoto Rose/I Don’t Wanna Know/Anthem/Venturing Out/Electric City/Night Flyer/Twentieth Century Lady/The Highlands. It is worth buying if only for the sleeve notes which are written by Phil Collins and are very amusing! The musicians in addition to Daryl are: Brad Cole (Keyboards), Leland Sklar (bass), Mark Torroll (Percussion), Gary Barnacle (Alto and Tenor Saxophone).

I Don’t Wanna Know is the same song that appeared on Phil’s last album and it is one of the best tracks on it. Anthem is suitably uplifting as is Venturing Out where Daryl displays in all aspects of playing a formidable command of the guitar. This is true of Electric City and Twentieth Century Lady. In these tracks slight hints of jazz can be heard, highlighted by the foil of conventional harmonies.

Steppin’ Out is clearly not meant to break any new ground and if there is a criticism then, as such, some tracks would be enhanced by a sung vocal line with occasionally parts sounding as if they are a bit like backing tracks to Phil Collins songs. However, the tracks are well crafted, dynamic, punchy and tuneful with good melodic lines. The balance and ensemble are excellent but the production and playing are superb.