Yes folks, its that time again when we take a look at some of the non Genesis related music which has been occupying the CD player here at TWR HQ.

We get under way this time with an album that is as of yet unfinished and not actually available yet. However, one of its protagonists was brave (or foolish enough) to present me with a copy for perusal. And so, here are my thoughts on Crows In The Cornfield.

The opening tracks Houdini and Arkansas are a strong mix of folk and country with vocals by John Jones whose voice has an uncanny resemblance to Mark Knopfler and at times Bob Dylan not that that is any bad thing.

When The Circus Comes To Town is one of those songs about life’s what ifs, elegiac and melodic with some superb instrumentation throughout especially from jess Perkins and Brandon Autry on steel guitar and Keith Morrison on piano . When We Were Young And Beautiful gets under way with a stomping drum beat and some fine violin playing and the interplay of vocals between John and Lucy Lockwood and Keris Lea and Nia Angharad Cooke works extremely well.

Conquistadors features some excellent Flamenco style acoustic guitar from Barrie Cass and a vocal which reminds of Steve Hackett’s cover of Dylan’s Man In The Black Coat. another wry look at life but with a jaunty edge to it and some fine ensemble playing throughout.

The rest of the album is of a similar cast, excellent songs in a country rock idiom but with an unsuspected edginess to them which marks this album out as a cut above average. This is a “rough” version if you can say that about such a polished product but I am sure that by the time it is finally ready for release will see an even more polished version. Excellent musicianship and vocals are accompanied by a fine line of observant storytelling making this an album I can’t wait to hear again when it is finished.

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Crows In The Cornfield ; Crows In The Cornfield (No Catalogue Number)

Next up is the second album by Prog Rock combo Lifesigns. Their debut album was reviewed by us a while ago now and here we have the second offering from them: Cardington.