“Perfect Pitch” - Anthony Phillips' living room concert CD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

An Anthony Phillips live performance is something many of us have dreamed about for many years and it came close last year with two wonderful performances of his music by the Rocking Horse Music Club at the Trading Boundaries venue. But many years before all of that, Ant did put in a live performance of sorts and it is that which is captured on this CD.

Originally recorded in 1993 for the American radio show "Echoes" this literally was a performance captured in Ant's living room and what a joy it is to have it available again and with extra tracks omitted from the original broadcast. Now, as someone who has had the privilege of seeing and hearing Ant perform a "concert" in that same living room with his Argentinian friend, Henrique Berro Garcia, many years before, I can say that such a performance is one which will live in the memory forever!

For those of you not so fortunate, this recording more than compensates for that and features many lfavourites from his catalogue performed with not the slightest trace of nerves which Ant always maintains accompanies such performances.

It is difficult to single out any one performance as each and every one of these represents a personal favourite of mine but, Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times and Lucy: An Illusion both stand out with pristine quality.

Here then, you are presented with a snapshot of what it might be like if Ant ever decided to get back on a concert stage. A disc to be relished and listened to again and again with growing pleasure.

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Anthony Phillips: The Living Room Concert. Esoteric Records ECLEC2721.