I Need Perspective - A review of 1989 from a Genesis fans’ point of view by Ted Sayers.

1989 has been another good (and expensive!) year for all fans of Genesis and its solo members as well as being another successful year for the musicians themselves. The year began with the biggest hit single ever for Mike Rutherford (and the rest of the Mechanics) with the title track to The Living Years album which was one of the surprise hit singles of 1989 and it came so close to the number one spot - it reached number two in the BBC/Gallup chart (although unofficial sources maintained that it actually DID reach number one!). The single was totally uncommercial and far too long for a cgart single which was what surprised all and sundry. This was the only hit single from the album although a further single; Nobody Knows was put out afterwards. A short European/UK tour took place in February and March which was very successful. The band also toured the US twice in April and again in August with similar success. Originally there were only three UK dates planned but the success of the Living Years ensured that more were added.

In March news filtered out that both Tony Banks and Phil Collins were at work in the studio on their new albums.

In June the long overdue Last Temptation Of Christ soundtrack was released as a double album by Peter under the title of Passion which was the original title of the film. The music on the album had been added to substantially since its use in the film, hence the delay. The album contained some of Gabriel’s best music though mainly instrumental, with only Gabrielese for vocals to great effect. The album was highly acclaimed even by music critics - strange for a film music but this is no ORDINARY film music! At one point it was planned to release a version of A Different Drum with a lyric but only in the US. Due to Peter’s commitments to his newly created Real World theme park, this was scrapped. A promo four-track single - Selections From Passion was released in the US containing four tracks from the album itself. Peter is now in the studio at work on his next album but there is no sign of a release date yet (fingers crossed!).

In August, Tony Banks released the Bankstatement album with the single; Throwback released in advance of it. The album was more of a band project than a solo effort. The album contained some excellent material but also was a little lacklustre in some aspects. To date only two singles have been released, the above mentioned and I’ll Be Waiting but to no effect in either case. At the moment no tour is planned for this new band but you never know!

Phil’s fourth album was released in November with the apt title of But Seriously. Being a different album for his style. The first and only single to date was another big hit, reaching number two - Another Day In Paradise which was fairly representative of the rest of the material on the album.

November also saw news of work commencing on the next Mike & The Mechanics album. The Mechanics have also recorded a version of The Beatles’ song Revolution for the forthcoming film Rude Awakening and it is reported to be ready for release as a single.

November also saw the release of another Phil Collins video compilation on 20th November and Peter’s long awaited live video is reported to be nearing completion too and is to be called Point of View and features footage from his Athens shows on the So tour in 1987.

And that rounds off 1989 but even as we speak, news has reached us of Phil Collins’ UK tour for 1990 which has him playing at the following venues….

Wembley Arena 28th April to 2nd May 1990, Edinburgh Inglistone Centre 1st July 1990, National Exhibition Centre Birmingham 7th to 10th July 1990. That leads us into the next year. Let’s hope that it is as successful for the band and its members as 1989 has been