Paul Carrack’s Groove Approved album reviewed by Peter Morton.

Groove Approved is the latest album by Paul Carrack and, having listened to it several times I feel it is one of his strongest. There are ten tracks in all with the likes of Paul’s old buddy Nick Lowe along with Michael McDonald, Eddie Schwartz and Chris Difford assisting him with the writing. The album is produced by T Bone Walker and Paul Carrack.

Groove Approved is certainly the most commercial album Paul has made and I am sure it will sell well, particularly in the US market. Songs such as Only My Heart, Battlefield, I Live By The Groove and Love Can Break Your Heart will make excellent singles if they can only get the airplay on local radio stations. One of my favourites on the album is the final track: Bad News, a sort of country/folk Bob Dylan arranged tune. There’s even a live song called I’m On Your Tail included which features a fine saxophone solo from Dick Morrissey. All the sings are sung by Paul Carrack and I am sure that given the right promotion, this album will finally give Paul the musical recognition, particularly in this country, that he so richly deserves. An excellent album which comes highly recommended.