It's written in the book - TWR takes a look at some of the foreign language books that have been written about the band and its members.

Yes folks, here is the second part of the feature we began last time.

Not surprisingly, the first foreign language book to appear was by the irrepressible Armando Gallo whose Evolution Of A Rock Band was translated into both Italian and German. Sporting a cover designed by Genesis cover artist; Paul Whitehead, and containing a handful of different images to its English counterpart, these are worth tracking down if you can find them

It was to be over ten years before another foreign language book on the band appeared, and this one was also in German. Jurgen Seibold's Phil Collins was published as part of a series of books under the VIP Paperback Music imprint. Sadly, I don't read German and so I cannot comment on the text apart from saying there is plenty of it, along with a healthy selection of photographs, several of which I had not seen before.

Unusually, the next publication was a slender volume dedicated to Genesis founder member; Anthony Phillips. Published by Spanish record label, Antropovision, this Spanish language volume titled slightly long windedly as From Genesis To Revelation - Biografia Dr Anthony Phillips : Co Fundador de Genesis, was written by Sara Cavalle and was accompanied by a cassette of previously unheard recordings by Anthony.

Even yours truly got in on the act when Edizioni Segno published the Italian language edition of my first book as Opening The Musical Box - Cronistoria Dei Genesis which was essentially the same as its English counterpart.

Without doubt, the most prolific author outside of the UK has been Italian journalist Mario Giammetti who has documented the band's story in an increasingly impressive series of books as well as hosting the excellent Dusk Magazine. As usual, from little acorns etc, Mario began small and his first book : Genesis Discografia 1968- 1993 is exactly that, a working discography of the band's output during those years including a useful section on those pesky bootleg things! A handy reference and one very much in need of updating I should think!

In similar vein was Mario's next book, this time focussing exclusively on Peter Gabriel. Titled; Peter Gabriel Il Transformista, this too was published in 1994 and unlike its predecessor,also contained a brief biographical section, gig guides, and discography all of which are a useful reference to collectors and general fans of Peter's work.

Mario's work continued with Genesis IL Fiume del costante cambiamento in 2004, a larger format book detailing the band's story divided into two parts- albums and tours. As usual this is a detailed work well worth chasing up.

Since then, Mario has released a series of books under the generic title - Genesis Files. These are…

Phil Collins - The Singing Drummer.
Steve Hackett - The Defector.
Tony Banks - Man Of Spells.
Anthony Phillips - The Exile.
Mike Rutherford - Silent Runner
Ray Wilson - Gypsy

And the series was crowned by the publication in 2016 with Peter Gabriel - Not One Of Us.

The constant throughout all of these volumes is the incredible attention to detail. Mario has gone beyond what is normally expected to deliver a superb series of volumes all of which deserve a place in any fan's collection.

Others than Mario have produced notable work on the band however, including a delightful volume by Yashima Tsukamoto's 1998 Genesis File, a superb effort chronicling the available bootlegs available by the band. Fully illustrated, this remains a vital reference work.

Speaking of vital reference works, Max Demont's volume Genesis The Worldwide Singles Discography although in serious need of an update, remains the definitive work on the subject.

Another Italian author of note is dedicated collector Mino Profumo whose work is of the same quality as Mario's. His first book, Genesis In Italia - I Concerti 1972 -75 needs no translation. A superlative volume examining the subject in truly breathtaking detail.

This was followed in 2019 with Mino's reworking of Jon Kirkman's book on The Lamb...Titled Genesis Questa E La Storia Di Rael if it were possible, this one brings even more detail to the table on the subject of that divisive album/tour than even Jon's book manages to do!

Finally from the Italian contingent is Claudio Fracasso's Foxtrot, another superbly detailed volume examining every aspect of that classic album by the band.

Another country which has produced a few volumes on the band is Poland beginning with Lukasz Hernik's weighty W krainie muzycznyck olbrzymow - sadly I have absolutely no idea what that translates into in English, folks! Another highly detailed volume this is worthy of any collection.

And finally for this feature is Maurycy Nowakowski's : Szkice Burze Orchidee a small but beautifully formed book about Steve Hackett.

And that brings this feature to a close. Of course, I am sure there are many volumes which have eluded this writer. If you have any information on any of them, please let us know and an update may appear at some time in the future. Until then, happy reading!