A review of John Hackett and Nick Fletcher's new album, The Goldfinch by Alan Hewitt.

Take a little trip back, no not with Father Tiresias this time, but to a time when giants such as Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and Scarlatti roamed the earth populating it with music and melodies which have survived the vagaries of fashion, war and much else besides and yet remains as popular today as it ever was.

The reason for that popularity can be heard in the latest album by John Hackett and Nick Fletcher - The Goldfinch. An innocuous title for what is truly a gem of an album. Once again, John and Nick have selected a truly delightful variety of music from the Golden Age of the Baroque and have woven their own magic over what are already magical melodies. I am sure that at least one of these will already be known to you if not by its title, then by its tune.

It really is pointless to dissect music of this quality as that will simply detract from the listening pleasure. What I will say about it though is that I am confident that the composers would wholeheartedly approve of the treatment John and Nick have given to their works. Each track glistens like burnished gold and the interplay between the two musicians is a joy to hear.

What's more, it genuinely sounds as if the players are having as much fun playing as the listener will have in the listening! Music to be enjoyed on so many levels. This selection is a delight from beginning to end. Rock & Roll it certainly is not, but I absolutely love it!

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