Sailing To Byzantium and other esoteric tales. Spiritus Mundi, the new album by Nad Sylvan reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

The Vampirate rode off into the distance on Nad's last album and so Nad has a new direction to take us, his listeners on.

That direction sees him visit the wonderful poetry of the Irish poet; William Butler Years. Personally, I was delighted when I heard that Bad intended to do this, as Yeats's poetry has long been a favourite of mine.

Yeats isn't easy reading, he has a depth way beyond the superficial meaning of the words. Fortunately Nad Sylvan is the ideal interpreter of them and here we have a truly remarkable selection which gets under way with one of Yeats's most dramatic works: The Second Coming, eminently appropriate to the world as it is in these Pandemic stricken days!

The Stolen Child has been referenced by many people including Mr Hackett and Nad manages to bring all the elements of drama, bathos and magic together in a truly wonderful reading.

To An Isle In The Water is magnificent. The acoustic setting simply shimmers like water in moonlight, while Nad conjures up a scintillating vocal performance of magical intensity.

The Hawk evokes the pride of spirit which cannot be tamed, read the words to yourself and let Nad and the musicians who accompany him take your mind on a mental flight that will leave you enthralled and exhilarated in equal measures.

I could go on, there is so much to say about this album and the poet who inspired it but that would perhaps spoil the enjoyment that you will undoubtedly derive from listening to it and believe me, you WILL enjoy this album. It is the work of consummate musicians, who between them have managed to bring even more magic to the wonderful words of William Butler Yeats.

Rock 'n' Roll it ain't, but I love it!

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