“The Laser Lies Down On Broadway” - Bootleg compact disc reviews by Adam Gottlob.

Since the review of the Empire Pool Wembley CD, a couple more live Lamb… shows have appeared on CD and their quality definitely deserves a remark.

The first one is called “The Waiting Room” (!) and was partly recorded in both Dortmund and Luxembourg. It has a slightly better sound quality and a much better name (thanks Adam, your cheque is in the post! AH). The record company is Flashback and its catalogue number is 10/89/01/08. Its track listing is the same as the previous CD and its running time is 42 minutes, 12 seconds. The packaging is disappointing - there are no illustrations but its sound quality is much better than any other I have heard of this concert. Once again, the song introductions are missing but it is definitely worth having a copy of this fine concert.

The other bootleg is called Twilight Alehouse and is packaged similarly to the other disc. The packaging says incorrectly that the recording is from the Berkeley Theatre (12/1/75) broadcast but it is actually from the Shrine Auditorium (24.1.75) and has exactly the same track listing as “As Though Emerald City) minus the studio version of Happy The Man. Its catalogue number is: 10/89/01/09 and it has a running time of 45 minutes, 31 seconds. The recording is far better quality than the album and like its counterpart above, it is a little lost without the song intros but its superior quality justifies it as a CD.

Apart from these two CDs there are a few other live recordings on Compact Disc now available which are as follows:

Peter Gabriel: Slowburn - Roxy LA 4.4.77 (Great Dane Records GDR CD 8920).

Genesis : Follow You Follow Me - Chicago 13.10.78 (Great Dane Records GDR CD 8918).