“Digital Lamb…” - Genesis live at Wembley Empire Pool 14th April 1975. Bootleg compact disc reviewed by Ted Sayers.

So, the bootleg is dragged into the 1990’s! Yes, the first Genesis compact disc bootleg has reared its head and features the classic Genesis line up of; Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford. It has no title other than an incorrect date (Wembley 23/6/74). If the venue is correct, then the date has to be April 14th 1975. The disc was released by Seagul Records (??) with the apt catalogue number of Seagull CD 001.

As you have probably realised, it is a recording of The Lamb… tour. The packaging and quality of the recording are both excellent, except that the Genesis logo is a poor copy from the “Genesis” album of 1983.

If the venue is correct then the recording is very likely from the same radio broadcast as the Awed Man Out bootleg album. The quality serves to showcase Steve’s guitar in a manner which is difficult to make out from the studio versions in particular the disc’s opening track: In The Cage which features some superb playing from Steve which seems oddly out of place and yet is not.

On Back In NYC, Peter’s vocals combine with the guitar work to violent effect. Conversely, for Carpet Crawlers, Steve’s guitar is a soothing reply to Peter’s voice which appears to grow frantic in its appeal to “get in to get out”.

Evil Jam or The Waiting Room to you, is complex and full to overflowing with mental pictures in most forms, but here it has taken on new dimensions due in some part to some innovative guitar work and the usual sound effects. The track seemed to alter throughout the tour and no two recordings appear to be the same - possibly the reason for its appearance as a (live) single B side.

The recording is an odd collection and it jumps through the original Lamb.. So much that it must be a collection of someone’s favourites, finishing off with The Light Dies Down On Broadway/Riding The Scree, and NOT as the packaging suggests, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. This final selection opens with some quivering flute which exudes loneliness and is a strange close to the set selection.

The disc has been manufactured in Italy and, as already mentioned is well packaged apart from the incorrect date and track listing, Sadly we can’t help people to obtain copies of this disc so PLEASE DON’T ASK!!