“What we did at Vic’s Place” - A stay at Anthony Phillips’s home. By Alan Hewitt.

One of the nicest things about writing a magazine, any magazine is when you are able to meet the people who read it face to face (poor fools!). And so it was with great pleasure that I contacted the several lucky people who had been fortunate enough to win the opportunity to meet both ourselves, the editorial team of TWR and, more importantly; Anthony Phillips. I noticed that no one asked for our autographs! Never mind, perhaps in a couple of years when we are rich and famous - ah such dreams!

We all met up in the centre of London on the afternoon of 21st July, clutching our copies of TWR etc in a frantic bid to be recognised - not too difficult for me with my suave good looks - OK, so the camera DOES tell lies! And from there we wove our merry way to Anthony’s home where we were greeted by the man himself, much to the astonishment of a couple of the prize winners, who I am sure did not believe this was actually happening! After introducing the winners to Anthony, we left them in his care and went off to explore the wonders of London - OK so by that I mean the wonders of the nearest hostelry!

After a couple of hours, we returned to say our goodbyes to the winners and saw them off on their way to their respective homes. Everyone seemed to have had an enjoyable afternoon and we would once again like to thank Ant for his hospitality and for making it all possible for us.