"The Rise of the bootleg CD" by Peter Morton.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s the bootleg LP and cassette was a much sought after collector’s item. One could usually find such items at record fairs or through advertisements in music papers. The illegality of them was such that to buy the items would command a very high price. The quality was not always great, in fact at times it was downright dodgy, but to collectors of the music contained on it, it was a MUST for their collections.

During 1989-90 the CD began to find its way into the bootleg market. Today these can be found at most record fairs and the occasional CD collector’s stocklist. A few European countries are even selling them along with the official CD sections!

Recently we have had numerous requests for details of Genesis CD bootlegs and so, what I have done below is list the known ones, giving track listings, quality ratings and where possible, catalogue numbers. This list is put together from information supplied to us here at The Waiting Room is as complete as I know but I am sure that someone out there has one or more CDs that aren’t listed here, so if you can help, please let us know. Finally, I must stress that neither myself, Alan or Ted can help anyone obtain any of these recordings!!

Tango - Brussels 1972/Germany January 1973
Fountain Of Salmacis/Twilight Alehouse/Musical Box/The Return of The Giant Hogweed/Watcher of The Skies/Musical Box.
Chapter One CD 25112 Quality = Very Good.

The Musical Fox - Basle Switzerland January 1972 (Date and venue incorrect)
Happy The Man/Stagnation/Fountain Of Salmacis/Twilight Alehouse/La Boite A Musique (Musical Box)/The Return of The Giant Hogweed
Wild Bird WBRCD 9016 Quality = Very Good.

Watcher Of The Skies - Rainbow Theatre London 20th October 1973
Watcher of The Skies/Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/I Know What I Like/Firth of Fifth/More Fool Me/Supper’s Ready.
Label Unknown. Quality = Very Good/Excellent.

Live Supper - Rainbow Theatre 20th October 1973
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/I Know What I Like/Firth of Fifth/More Fool Me/The Battle Of Epping Forest/Cinema Show/Supper’s Ready.
Chapter One CD 25111. Quality = Very Good/Excellent.

Live In Montreal - Montreal University Sports Arena 21st April 1974 and BBC Radio Session 1972
Watcher of The Skies/Danciong With The Moonlit Knight/Cinema Show/I Know What I Like/Firth Of Fifth/Musical Box/Horizons/The Battle Of Epping Forest/Supper’s Ready/Stagnation/Get ‘Em Out By Friday/Twiloight Alehouse.
Swingin’ Pig Records TSP-CD 040-2. Quality = Excellent (2 CD).

The Shepherd - BBC Night Ride Session 22nd February 1970. BBC Sessions 1971/72
Shepherd/Pacidy/Let Us Now Make Love/Stagnation/Looking For Someone/Watcher of The Skies/Musical Box/Stagnation/Musical Box/The Return of The Giant Hogweed.
Label Unknown. Quality = Excellent) Warning: the CD is ruined by poorly dubbed in clapping between tracks to make it sound live.

Lamb Stew - Wembley Empire Pool 15.4.75 and Shrine Auditorium LA 24.1.75
From FM radio broadcast of The Lamb… with encore of Watcher of The Skies.
Label Unknown. Quality = Good.

The Waiting Room - Empire Pool Wembley 15.4.75
Cuckoo Cocoon/In The Cage/Back In NYC/Hairless Heart/Coutning Out Time/Carpet Crawl/The waiting Room/Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats/The Light Dies Down On Broadway.
Flashback Worldproductions Flashback 10/89/0108. Quality = Excellent.

Live at Wembley Arena June 23rd 1975 (Venue and date incorrect). Actually recorded at the Shrine Auditorium LA 24.1.75
In The Cage/Back In NYC/Chamber of 32 Doors/Carpet Crawl/The Waiting Room/Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats/Ravine/The Light Dies Down On Broadway/Riding The Scree.
Seagull Records Seagull CD 001. Quality = Excellent.

Twilight Alehouse - Berkeley Community Centre 22.1.75 (Date and venue incorrect actually recorded at the Shrine Auditorium LA 24.1.75)
Watcher of The Skies/Lilywhite Lilith/The Waiting Room/Anyway/It/Musical Box/Twilight Alehouse (studio recording).
Flashback Worldproductions Flashback 10.890109. Quality = Excellent.

Follow You Follow Me - Uptown Theatre Chicago IL 13.10.78
11th Earl of Mar/Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/In The Cage/Burjning Rope/Ripples/Deep In The Motherlode/Fountain Of Salmacis/Down & Out/One For The Vine/Say It’s Alright, Joe/Squonk/The Lady Lies/Cinema Show/in That Quiet Earth- Afterglow/Follow You Follow Me/Dance On A Volcano/Los Endos/I Know What I Like.
Great Dane Records GDRCD 9818. Quality = Excellent 2 CD.

There is also another double CD of this gig under the title “Live In Chicago”.

The Lamb Woke Up Again - Milton Keynes Concert Bowl 2.10.82 + tracks from Guildford Civic Centre 28.1.83
Back In NYC/Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/Carpet Crawl/Firth Of Fifth/Musical Box/Solsbury Hill/Turn It On Again/The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Fly On A Windshield/Broadway Melody of 1974/In The Cage/Supper’s Ready/I Know What I Like/The Knife/Solsbury Hill/Reach Out (I’ll Be There)/I Know What I Like.
Label Unknown. Quality (Milton Keynes) = Good. (Guildford) = Excellent.

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Many thanks to Bernd Zindler for his help with some of the information contained in this article.