"Genesis - A History" - Video reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Well, at last the group have produced a video which fully illustrates their twenty four year history. The video has been produced in collaboration with the same team that have produced the BBC TV documentary seen (or hopefully to be seen at the time of writing this review) on UK TV on Easter Sunday and , although not actually mentioned in the credit’s the editor of TWR DID have a hand in this production by providing information on some of the film/video footage used in both projects.

For me it is great to see Ant’s contribution to the band given some proper credit, and hopefully, more fans of the band will go out and investigate his back catalogue, after all, with fifteen solo albums so far, he is by FAR the most prolific writer in or out of the band!

The story unfolds through a series of brief interviews with the band and their past compatriots, coupled with extensive use of film and TV footage and live performances beginning with the Rock Of The Seventies Belgian TV programme from 1972 and going up to the band’s appearance at Knebworth last year.

One of the most amusing insights is Peter’s admission that his inspiration for his flower costume came from watching Bill & Ben as a child! That and his reminiscences of the band’s first appearance where he wore the fox head and red dress and the rather negative reaction to it from the audience. Peter also talks openly about the reasons for leaving the group for the first time in years, as do Steve and Ant. It is a fascinating and great insight into one of rock’s greatest enigmas and features several previously unseen (unseen in the UK at least) concert performances including at last, a clip form the legendary (and elusive) Lamb…

Solo careers are also given a mention although one fault lies in the lack of any mention of Ant’s solo efforts but this is the only real criticism of a video which is a brave attempt to cover such an incredibly wide ranging subject and one which gives a well rounded perception of the band. To new fans in particular it will certainly come as a revelation (pardon the pun!). The video is approximately 90 minutes in length and is a must for all fans of the band, old and new alike.