“Delapsus Resurgam” (Trans = “When I Fall I shall rise”) - Steve Hackett live at the Central TV Studios Nottingham on 2nd September 1990. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Impressed by the title eh? I bet you thought that the editors of TWR were a bunch of shiftless bozos, and usually you would be right. I thought that the title was very appropriate in view of the fact that Steve has admitted himself that he has (to use his own words) made more come-backs than Count Dracula, and this particular one was no less astonishing.

Steve’s last outing as we know was in support of his acoustic album: Momentum in 1988. This was the turn of Steve Hackett the rock star and as such, it was a memorable performance in more ways than one.

Central TV have recently made an entire series of recorded concerts featuring such talents as Asia, The Strawbs, Rick Wakeman etc and they are to be commended for giving us rock fans at least a little of what we fancy (and yes, it DID do us good!).

By dint of the fact that we only found out about the show 24 hours before it was due to take place, we were unable to attend the show and this is a review of the “edited highlights” that Central TV have recently screened. The set began with a greatly extended version of Camino Royale including a bit of harmonica playing by Steve. The new band that Steve has acquired looked comfortable in their playing especially the veteran of so many of Steve’s shows: John Hackett who as usual, was his haunting self on flute and bass pedals.

Please Don’t Touch and Every Day followed and they were suitably impressive versions of these classic Hackett pieces. What came next was a real surprise as Steve gave us a new version of In That Quiet Earth complete with extended flute soloing from John. The TV audience were politely reserved and I am sure that had Steve decided to give this show in the more normal rock environment, that he would have received a rapturous reception for that piece - from me at any rate!

Two new pieces were next on the menu - Depth Charge, a lengthy instrumental and a song: In The Heart Of The City which is certainly more in the style that Steve’s fans have come to know and admire and both pieces bode well for his next rock album whenever that may be - make it SOON, please Steve!

Horizons followed as part of what was obviously a longer acoustic section and as usual, it was beautifully played. There followed the aptly titled Theatre Of Sleep, a rather dreamy song, matched by a rather sleepy audience. This was followed by an extended instrumental jam while Steve introduced the band who were as follows: John Hackett (bass pedals/flute), Ian Ellis (bass0, Fudge Smith (drums), and Julian Colbeck (keyboards) and as soon as that was over they all launched into the aural nightmare that is Clocks to round off a set that left me wondering why Steve has taken so long to go back on the road again - this proved that he is as good now as he ever was.

One more thing: I am told that as part of the full set, the band also played Racing In A and wait for it… Firth Of Fifth - now THAT is one video I would love to see!