Genesis - The Vertigo Years compilation CD reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

A rather strange release this, consisting as it does of tracks from Duke, Abacab, Three Sides Live and Genesis. However, its strangeness is soon explained when it is revealed that this CD has been release din Australia only. Even so, I cannot help begin to understand why they have chosen to put the entire (yes the ENTIRE) Genesis album on it when there are so many worthwhile tracks that could have been included.

After the Genesis LP, the next track is Abacab, followed by a live version of Man On The Corner and the studio cut; Another Record. Most surprising is the inclusion of the single B side cut: Open Door, and it is this that makes me wonder why no other B sides were included instead of album cuts? Submarine, or Naminanu perhaps?

The final track is the live version of Misunderstanding from Three Sides Live. All in all, this is a strange release, one obviously designed to cash in on the success of Phil Collins and the band in Australia in recent years. Here in the UK it is of interest only to collectors and is not likely to emerge here in any substantial numbers. I receive this copy courtesy of the editor of Ripples Magazine in Australia - thanks a lot Richard!