But Seriously - The Videos. Phil Collins’ latest video compilation reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

I didn’t think that Phil would release another video so soon after the live video from his last tour but I am certainly glad that he did decide to put this one out because once again, he has managed to put together a highly entertaining selection.

As its title would suggest, this is a compilation of all the tracks from the But Seriously album in the form of both promotional and live footage which makes it a must for all Collins completists as well as those of you who may be new to Phil’s solo career.

The collection begins with Hang In Long Enough, which features delightful cameos from Jack Spoons and Steve Blacknell and tells the story of the ill-fated shipboard entertainer aboard the SS Udio. Sorry Phil, you’re not fooling anyone there and the use of footage from the classic film A Night To Remember abut the voyage of the RMS Titanic is, I would say, in poor taste. Next up is the first single from the album: Another Day In Paradise which dramatically illustrates the plight of the millions of homeless people worldwide so succinctly that it was adopted by the Comission into homelessness set up by the US Senate. A brilliant video accompanying a brilliant song.

Do You Remember is next and is a typical Collins love story about a boy and girl who fall in love and only realise that they are in love when one of them moves away. This is given an extra twist by the appearance of a ghost, perhaps the ghost of the loved one who went away in more ways than one? The anti-Apartheid anthem Colours, is next and a live performance is featured here from the 1990 tour. I must admit, that this was not my favourite song on the album, coming across to me as disjointed but live it always took on a new lease of life and Phil and Chester’s drum duet at the end was always a high spot in the show.

Something Happened On The Way To Heaven follows and it features a guest appearance by Pippin the dog, who causes chaos during a rehearsal session by Phil and the boys. The use of black and white footage to illustrate exactly what Pippin sees as he wends his merry way around the rehearsal room is very imaginative and some of his antics are particularly funny!

All Of My Life and I Wish It Would Rain Down are for me the highlights of the video. The former because to my ears it is the best song on the album, and the second because of the cameo appearances by Eric Clapton and Lamont Dozier as well as the clever inter splicing of Phil’s image with those of film stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart are very witty.

Heat On The Street is another live shot from the last tour and demonstrates the high standard that the entire band put into every show. That’s Just The Way It Is, along with Another Day In Paradise the most emotive videos on the collection, containing as it does harrowing footage of war and the carnage that is caused during such conflicts. Saturday Night And Sunday Morning is another musical high spot from the show, graphically illustrated by another lived clip from the last tour.

Father To Son is a very interesting video showing as it does, many cine film clips from Phil’s own family and coupled with the touching sentiments expressed by the song makes it another high point on the video. Find A Way To My Heart is another live clip which segues well with the closing credits accompanied by Around The World In Eighty Pre-Sets, which is accompanied by some very funny out-takes from the video, rounding the video off quite nicely.

Once again, at 77 minutes, the video represents excellent value for money at £12.99 - even better value if you buy it from Woolworths where it comes with a free CD of a live track from Phil’s live LP. A worthy investment for old and new fans alike.