Genesis - Edinburgh Playhouse 29th October 1992. Review by Peter Morton. Photographs by Brian Cutler.

With the grandiose stadium tour behind them, what better way to see Genesis live than on a much smaller scaled down stage playing in front of 3000 hard core fans? Bring incredibly indebted to TWR reader Douglas Grant for queuing up all night in pouring rain to get me and himself a ticket, we arrived at the Playhouse with just fifteen minutes to spare.

My ticket, Row B I could hardly believe it, from being half a mile away back in a field , to seeing them this close to the stage, well, need I say more…

At 8.10 to a deafening roar on came the band obviously very happy to be playing to such an intimate audience. Land Of Confusion opened the show leading into a really powerful version of No Son Of Mine, Phil singing his guts out on this one, with the audience responding in such aloud way that at times his voice was being drowned out.

“And now for some of these old songs…” announced Phil. This for me was the highlight of the show, there were others of course, but this medley of old songs meant something really special to me. The band raced through the oldies Dance On A Volcano, The Lamb… Musical Box, Firth Of Fifth and I Know What I Like, beautifully, with the audience giving the band an standing ovation. Fortunately for me one of my least favourite Genesis songs, Throwing It All Away was dropped with Fading Lights now following. A new Genesis classic played only by Mike, Tony and Phil.

The inclusion of Dreaming While You Sleep was a nice touch and Jesus He Knows Me which is always good live and proved just as enjoyable this time round. “Wait a minute..” I thought , “who is that man in the centre aisle filming this part of the show?” Yes, it was none other than Armando Gallo! What Genesis show would be complete without them performing Home by The Sea/Second Home by The Sea and Domino. Once again, these always prove to be great numbers live.

I Can’t Dance closed the show including a brilliant Michael Jackson send up from Phil. the encores Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Invisible Touch and Turn It on Again ended what was a mist enjoyable evening.

Do I have any critical comments to make on the night? Well, just a couple. The sound was outstanding as were the lights but just a small point, it would have been nice musically if we had heard on what is effectively their 25th anniversary tour, a ,more retsrospective selection of materials from some of their older albums.

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