“Obrigado” - Genesis in concert at Estadio de Alvalade, Lisbon on 24th July 1992. Review by Carlos A Morais.

Seventeen years after their first concerts in Portugal (March 6th and 7th 1975) Genesis returned for a single concert in Lisbon, the 17th show of the tour which started in May in the US.

Almost 60,000 people enjoyed a fantastic show of light, image and sound. The sound and visual effects, strengthened by magnificent smoke and lights during the two hour performance were ony part of the incredible show that Genesis presented to the Portuguese public.

The show had already begun well before the band appeared on stage. The construction of the stage, and preparation of the structure was the beginning of a whole movement of people, material and beer. The stage was an aluminium structure and a length of some 43 metres and covered by a false elliptic roof. 300 spotlights provided a sophisticated lighting system and the three Sony Jombotron screens provided the opportunity to show images from both the performance and of a pre-recorded nature. When moved together, the thee screens presented effects that had an amazing beauty and power. Two huge towers, 42 metres apart, completed the set up, with the PA offering 350,000 watts of music power. A great stage for a great concert!

On to the show itself… Genesis finally came on some 45 minutes later than scheduled as the lights came up Phil Collins ever the showman asked the audience if everything was alright (tudo fixe) and confessed that he was very happy (mutio fekiz) to be in Portugal. He announced that they were going to play some old songs (musicas antigas) and some new songs. The tunes from the ‘70’s were dedicated to those who “at the time had more hair”.

The concert began with Land Of Confusion followed by the recent No Son Of Mine and Driving The Last Spike. After these three songs, Phil thanked the audience with an “obrigado” whilst apologising for mixing his Portuguese with his English. The performances proceeded with a medley including Dance On A Volcano, The Lamb… Musical Box, Firth Of Fifth, I Know What I Like, That’s All, Follow You Follow Me and Illegal Alien.

The medley came to an end and the crowd exploded with another “obrigado”. Phil introduced the next song, Jesus he Knows Me followed by Throwing It All Away. Home By The Sea was preceded by audience paerticipation time, with the audience raising their arms to get in touch wit the otherworld (autro mundo). As the band plays the song, spectacular images on the giant screen illustrate it to dramatic effect. Hold On My Heart followed before the highlight of the concert - Domino. During the first part of the song the three screens join together to form one image and a fantastic series of visuals appear at rapid speed. Phil Collins appears on a lift centred in the middle of the giant screen, some fifteen metres above the stage. During the final part of the song, the screens moved apart once more and three images of domino pieces rotate rhythmically. Inside each of these pieces the image of each of the three members of Genesis appear, before the dominoes tumble towards the crowd.

After this hypnotic display, Phil and Chester launch into their drum duet - this is followed by I Can’t Dance accompanied on screen by the corresponding video. On Stage, Phil, Mike and Daryl imitate the video walking along the stage. A great moment of entertainment. The concert was brought to a close with Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Invisible Touch and finally Turn It On Again involving another stunning displays of lights and visuals. The final song was chosen to introduce the musicians one by one. The show ended and Phil promised that they would return - but when?

The audience left the stadium pleased and only a little disappointed that Mama didn’t make an appearance - possibly the most hoped for song that the band didn’t play. Genesis in concert - light, sound, entertainment and of course - Phil Collins.