“Still Dancing” - Genesis’ new live album The Way We Walk: The Shorts reviewed by Alan Hewitt.

Almost ten years have lapsed since Genesis last emerged with a live album so we were due for one and we have not been disappointed. This is the first of a two-part release with part two to be recorded during the band’s sojourn in some of the UK’s theatres which they have not visited since the halcyon days of 1980.

The first part of the album was recorded in Hanover during a three night stint there earlier in the summer with a couple of pieces from earlier shows thrown in for good measure.

Opening with the dramatic Land Of Confusion and No Son Of Mine, the album manages to capture the essential mix of drama and humour that forms the Genesis set. Conbtratsing this with the next track: Jesus He Knows Me, only serves to emphasise the enigma that is Genesis, who even after all these years cannot be pigeonholed.

Throwing It All Away and I Can’t Dance are followed by the country & western style That’s All, which like Mama, also on the album mist have been recorded during the previous tour but are essential representatives of the changed emphasis of the more recent Genesis live set.

In Too Deep offers respite from the purememodrama of the preceding track but the breather is not for too long as the startling Tonight, Tonight, Tonight follows and the set is rounded off by the pure pop power of Invisible Touch.

All in all, this album is no Seconds Out revisited but as a statement of Genesis in the 1990’s it will fill a much needed gap in the live side of any fan’s collection.