“Out-takes from the musical box” - Recent Genesis CD bootleg releases reviewed by Adam Gottlob. Additional bits by Jonathan Dann.

It has been a long time but I will do my best to bring you all up to date on some of the interesting new Genesis C Ds. All information is first hand and is as correct as possible.

The Lamb Woke Up Again (Stonehenge STCD 2008-2009 1990)

Disc One: Back In NYC/Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/Carpet Crawlers/Firth Of Fifth/Musical Box/Solsbury Hill/Turn It On Again/The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Fly On A Windshield/In The Cage (Duration: 71:39)

Disc Two: Supper’s Ready/I Know What I Like/The Knife/Here Comes The Flood/Reach Out - I’ll Be There/I Know What I Like (Duration: 63:41)

All songs are from the Milton Keynes reunion except for the last four which are from the Guildford Civic Centre charity gig from 28th January 1983 that Steve Hackett organised and at which both Peter and Mike appeared. The quality of this CD is better than the standard bootleg; Gabacabriel, which does not have the encore of The Knife. It is an audience recording but clear ( a very average one at that - JD). The packaging is nice too, with many photos from the show and its rehearsals. The cover shows Peter and his glowing light sabre and the discs themselves are quite colourful. A must for any serious Genesis collectors.

Musica (Stonehenge STCD 2110 -2111, 1992)

Disc One: Deep In The Motherlode/Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/Carpet Crawl/ Squonk/One For The Vine/Behind The Lines-Duchess-Guide Vocal-Turn It On Again- Duke’s Travels-Duke’s End (Duration: 59:09)

Disc Two: Ripples/The Lady Lies/In The Cahe (Medley)/Afterglow/Follow You Follow Me/Dance On A Volcano/Los Endos/I Know What I Like (Duration: 59:53)

All songs are from the famous Lyceum Ballroom show on 7th May 1980. It is VERY clear as it should be - it was recorded by the BBC. The atmosphere is really captured here. It sadly leaves out the stories but it is till worth having. Its packaging is OK - a take-off of the Duke artwork with tour dates and a small story inside - a great memento (what happened to The Knife? - JD)

Follow You Follow Me (Great Dane GDR 8918 1989 )

Disc One: 11th Earl Of Mar/In The Cage/Burning Rope/Dancing With The moonlit Knight/Musical Box/Ripples/Deep In The Motherlode/One For The Vine (Duration: 63:29)

Disc Two: Squonk/Say It’s Alright, Joe/The Lady Lies/Cinema Show (medley)/ Afterglow/Follow You Follow Me/Dance On A Volcano/Los Endos/I Know What I Like (Duration: 70:19)

All songs were recorded at the Uptown Theatre Chicago on 13th October 1978. The sound is perfect as this was broadcast on the radio. This is a nicer version of the show than From The Mouth Of The Monster, with all the song s and stories in the correct order. It is also digitally mastered as few C s are (in other words copied on to a DAT! - JD) the packaging is nice with about eight pictures dating from the tour. Great Dane have done a great job on this one and they do it with only two discs unlike other copies of this show.

The Lamb Lives (Backstage BKCD 033-34 1993)

Disc One: Full Lamb… up to Chamber Of 32 Doors (Duration: 50:29)

Disc Two: Rest of Lamb… and encore of Musical Box (Duration: 70:04)

All songs are from Miami Florida 10th February 1975. The sound is unmixed but excellent as it was taken from a soundboard. All the stories are included as well as the encore song. It is obvious that the intro “This is the story of Rael” is not from the same show - a poor fade into the Lamb… reveals this (it seems that these extra pieces have been edited in from the show at Providence from an audience recording - JD). The packaging is very nice, containing several previously unseen photos from the Lamb.. Tour and the CD design is quite eye-catching too. This is by far the best Lamb… show to appear. ( The show is actually from the Gusman Auditorium University of Miami and NOT from the Lakeland Civic Centre Concert Hall show as previously stated. This latter gig took place on 11th January 1975 - AH)

Live Supper (Chapter One CO 25111 1990)

Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/I Know What I Like/Firth Of Fifth/More Fool Me/The Battle Of Epping Forest/Cinema Show/Supper’s Ready (Duration: 74:23)

All the tracks are from the Rainbow Theatre London 20th October 1973. The sound quality is excellent throughout (it takes a noticeable dip for The Battle Of Epping Forest and Cinema Show - JD) another sound board recording. All stories are included although some patching was done between several songs. The packaging includes several photographs from Armando Gallo’s book. A nice package but not breathtaking. The show is worth getting and it fills the CD nicely.

Watchers Of The Skies (Great Dane GDR 9018 1990)

Watcher Of The Skies/Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/I Know What I Like/Firth of Fifth/More Fool Me/Supper’s Ready (Duration: 61:09)

Once again, all tracks are from the rainbow 20/10/73 including More Fool Me which has an odd French intro and a poor fade into “A bit less like a painter with the jacket” from Phil. The quality is better than Live Supper (but only in mono, Live Supper is in stereo - JD) Once again digitally mastered and containing two nice photos of Britannia on the cover but otherwise enthralling artwork. A great copy of a great show but sadly only about an hour of it.

Happy The Man (Chapter One CO 25202 1992)

Mary Mary/Let us Now Make Love/Pacidy/Stagnation/Shepherd/Looking For Someone/Happy The Man/Twilight Alehouse/Silver Song/The Waiting Room (pt 2) (Duration: 54:05)

Mary Mary purports to be from a 1967 acetate but has since been revealed to be a track by the American band, Genesis who were concurrent with the fledgling UK band. That song apart, the Night Ride session from 22/2/70 covering tracks 2-6 are excellent quality unlike some copies. Happy the Man and Silver Song are both nice to have in such good quality. Twilight Alehouse however sounds like somebody beat the hell out of the flexi disc before recording it on to this CD! The last song is live. The cover is from the cover to Armando Gallo’s German book and the shot of Chartehouse school inside is uninspired. The material is a must for any collector who doesn’t have the Night Ride session.

From One Fan To All The Others (Stonehenge STBX016-17-18 1993)

Disc One: Shepherd/Pacidy/Let Us Now Make Love/Looking For Someone/Musical Box/ Stagnation/Twilight Alehouse/Watcher Of The Skies/Get ’Em Out By Friday/Silver Song/Going Out To Get you (Duration: 77:32)

Disc Two: Supper’s Ready/More Fool Me/Entire Lamb.. Up to Carpet Crawlers (Duration: 74:12)

Disc Three; Rest of Lamb.. Musical Box (Duration: 75:57)

This collection is certainly the best out of those reviewed here. The first four songs are from the Night Ride session again, songs 6, 7 and 9 are from the BBC sessions in 1972 and are much clearer than previous copies. The last song on disc one is from the Palasport Rome on 18th April 1972. The first two songs on Disc Two are from the rainbow 1973 and the rest of the discs 2 and 3 are from Miami 1975. The mystery is where is the rest of disc one from? They are all from the studio and excellent quality. They could be from the John peel or other BBC sessions but I cannot confirm this (The tracks on disc one are as follows: 1-4 from Night Ride 22/2/70, 5-6 are from Sounds Of The Seventies 10/5/71, 7-9 are from John Peel 25/9/72, 10 is presumably from the original broadcast of this track in 1974 and the last is an audience recording. Tracks 5-9 have been taken from a radio show CD called BBC Classic Tracks, a series which features 5 session tracks by well known artists. This is why the quality is so good - JD). The whole CD is superb quality other than Going Out To Get You, which is still OK and very rare. The packaging includes a box of all three full colour C D s and a 22 page booklet. The booklet includes many excellent and clear photographs of the band , as well as a biography of the group and a sketch of Phil and Steve’s instrument layout. The only thing this CD needs is a description of where this material has come from because all we are given is a rather vague thank you to “the man behind”?