“Encounters With An Alcoholic… Erm… Editor…” by Andy Smith (all names have not been changed to cause the maximum embarrassment to those concerned - AH).

Well folks… here is an hilarious account of what can happen when you have a chance meeting with the TWR staff….

It was with great trepidation that I stepped off the train at Sheffield on a warm Saturday afternoon. I was due to meet the notorious Alan - yes, the same man who has continuously hurled abuse in my direction about my liking anything Phil Collins and my dislike of anything pre-78 by Genesis or from the Gabriel era (Yes folks, it is true, frankly I think anyone who doesn't like albums like Foxtrot and A Trick Of The Tail should be confined to a sanatorium - AH).

After meeting in Sheffield station, myself Alan and Richard Nagy (another "fortunate" reader) made our way to a local pub. Bits and bobs were exchanged and general views put forward. Alan was horrified to learn that I had managed to obtain from the Virgin Press Department with one phone call more than he had in eight years but that is another story! (Not horrified Andrew… JEALOUS! - AH)

The abuse was soon flowing from all sides; it ranged from snide remarks about the following day's interview with Steve Hackett (Tony Banks actually, Andrew - AH) to hurtful remarks about the selling of my collection to finance my life (sorry, Andrew it was your FATHER'S collection you sold and to buy a CAR of all things - AH). We progressed to Richard's via the Meadowhall centre for some tea and it was at Meadowhall that Richard insisted insisted on borrowing yet more money off me to finance his and Alan's drinking habit (it is NOT a habit, Andrew, more a way of life - AH/RN). This promised to be an eventful evening!

A listening session as in order as was Richard "Masterchef" Nagy's version of chicken nuggets and chips. The latter went down very well indeed -my best feed of the week (these damned students always pleading poverty and hunger … now in MY day!!!! - AH). The listening session was a different matter, an accusation of an apparent (for apparent read: ACTUAL - AH) bias towards anything Phil Collins was soon being levelled by Alan. The apparent (for apparent read: ACTUAL again - AH) lack of any Anthony Phillips, Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel music was making a certain member of the editorial staff very agitated. The session finally wound down at about 3am -Slow Dance bringing a refreshing relaxing end to the proceedings.

Any problems? (Yes, there wasn't enough of it played! - AH). The lack of Post '83 Genesis material was a sore point as was the lack of humble pie eaten by Alan when yours truly produced alive video copy of Living Forever (I am still not convinced that it WAS live Andrew - AH). All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening which will hopefully be repeated at a later date(MUCH later - AH).

My thanks to Alison (Richard's landlady) for putting up with us and to Richard and Alan for all the good music played (Really, Andrew? I thought you didn't rate anything pre- '78? You really should make up your mind up! - AH).

P.S: Richard… when will you learn to carry your compact disc player downstairs carefully!

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