"The River Of Constant Change" - A tribute to the music of Genesis. Double CD by various artists reviewed for TWR by Alan Hewitt.

This recently released CD comes from Italy although the musicians on it hail from places far and wide and the amount of work that has gone in to producing it is truly remarkable.

The tribute begins with a marvellous version of Dusk by the Italian band Algebra who are fronted by fellow Genesis compatriot Mario Giammetti who writes the Italian Genesis magazine: Dusk. Other highlights from the first disc include a wonderful version of Living Forever by Moongarden and a truly beautiful performance of Blood On The Rooftops by Queen Of Maybe. More than anything else, I was impressed by the sheer quality of musicianship from everyone involved and the interpretations of the tracks are not mere slavish imitations, but have taken much time and effort to create.

Disc Two opens with another beautiful performance; this time of Horizons by Max Michieletto. Other highlights include great performances of classics from ever period of the band's history including Watcher Of The Skies; No Son Of Mine and Looking For Someone. Weighing in at almost two hours; this CD package is well worth a listen if you can find it. As an example if the inspiration that Genesis still provides to musicians and as a tribute to their and Genesis' talents it really is hard to beat. Here's to the next one!

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