"A Fitting Tribute" - "Supper's Ready", the recently released Genesis tribute album. Review by Alan Hewitt.

First of all; thanks to the kind souls at Magna Carta who very kindly sent me a review coy of this disc. For those of you interested in such things, what exactly does this disc offer to the listener? Well... first of all, the disc does feature the talents of some undoubtedly well known musicians including Peter Bardens (ex-Camel), David Hentschel (long standing Genesis record producer), and Billy Sherwood (Yes and World Trade).

The music? From the opening dramatic organ solo of "Watcher Of The Skies", we are offered a truly remarkable interpretation of many of Genesis' finest moments including some extremely inventive re-workings. Personal favourites out of the fourteen tracks which are contained on the disc are hard to select, because the entire selection has been put together with such skill and obvious dedication that to select one or two would be churlish in the extreme. However, allow me to be churlish and mention one or two personal highlights... The second track on the album, "Firth Of Fifth", performed by Canadian Genesis tribute band Over The Garden Wall is delightful, and it is not hard to see why this band have been making such a name for themselves as performers of the Genesis catalogue. Every aspect of the track is faithfully played and the keyboard intro is particularly impressive.

Equally impressive are the interpretations of "For Absent Friends", "Carpet Crawlers" and an inspired rendition of "Keep It Dark". Following so soon after "The River Of Constant Change" tribute album (see review in TWR #31), this disc is another wonderful addition to any collection and it certainly surprised me to find that there are still so many musicians for whom Genesis have been a mainspring of inspiration.

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