"Phil Collins: The Definitive Biography" by Ray Coleman. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Now, as someone who has always had the horrors when confronted by any book bearing the word "Definitive" on its title, I was wondering about this offering. After all, I was not exactly enamoured of the last offering in the Genesis biography department, so does this one offer any improvement?

Sadly not. The over all feel of the book is that it has been rather hastily put together in order to capitalise on both the fact that Phil's profile is currently high during his tour and the fact that Christmas has just been and what else do you buy us old farts unless it is the Genesis boxed set?! Admittedly, the book was compiled from the author's notes after his death by his wife, but nevertheless, there are several glaring mistakes, which can only be put down to a cursory proof reading and the text itself does very little to shed much light on the musical phenomenon that is Phil Collins.

If you must buy it, wait until the obligatory paperback edition emerges, as I am sure it will!