"Here It Comes Again" - The new ReGenesis album reviewed in a slightly biased manner. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Well, it seems that every time that ReGenesis release an album or video I am there to witness the event, and this recording is no exception. Recorded at the excellent Robin Hood Club in Dudley in the West Midlands earlier this year, it once again captures the essential magic that this band exude every time they play.

As a companion to last year's "ReGenesis Live" album, this one completes what is an entire show. Beginning this time with the magnificent "Back In NYC", from the classic "Lamb..." album, the band then launch into the tale of "Little Cynthia and Little Henry" which precedes the awesome "Musical Box" with Glyn Protheroe's own unique introduction and an incredibly vibrant performance of the track itself, including sterling performances by Doug Melbourne on keyboards and Steve Marsh on guitar.

Another personal favourite follows with the performance of "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight" before one of the band's concessions to the post-Gabriel Genesis in the shape of the truly brilliant "Afterglow" which never fails to send shivers up and down my spine! Following that with "The Cinema Show" is an inspired choice and the two tracks certainly showcase the entire band before percussion-meister Mr. Nigel Appleton lets loose on the famous "five minutes of thunder" which is "Los Endos" ably assisted by Glyn on additional percussion.

Glyn Protheroe onstage with ReGenesis

What else could round off the show? "The Knife" of course, and a stonking version to boot which left the audience howling for more on the night and which doesn't fall short on the disc! Having followed the band for almost two years, I can honestly say that their shows get better and better and this is another fine tribute to that hallowed era of Genesis' history and one which should be in all fans' collections - buy it NOW!