"Rocking out at the Room at the Top" - Cut's debut gig at The Room At The Top Club, Bathgate, April 27, 1999. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Yours truly has certainly done some travelling on behalf of the magazine this year, and enjoyed every minute of it although whether my bank manager feels the same way is anyone's guess! This gig was a pre-tour "warm up" in front of an invited audience at which yours truly was a lucky attendee.

Having seen Ray's previous outfit, Stiltskin, I was in no doubt that this was going to be a loud rockin' gig and when the band's roadie, Skin, handed me a set of earplugs I had a fair inkling of what to expect! Ostensibly this was a run through of the material for the band's support slot to Germany's Heavy Metal rock outfit The Scorpions, and in front of that crowd, only a band with heavy rock credentials would do; no pussyfooting around, there, folks!

"Gypsy" opened the set with a great combination of Ray's hoarse and breathy vocals and some fine guitar playing and percussion from Nir. The album's title track "Millionairhead" followed and was every bit as powerful live as it is on record, and Ray's vocal is dramatic to say the least! "Sarah", "Ghost" and "Young Ones" followed all of which gave the various musicians a chance to demonstrate that this a band that likes to serve its music up hot and LOUD!

Other highlights from the show included the Stiltskin hit "Inside" which was even meatier in this incarnation than it was in Stiltskin. "Space Oddity" was another really entertaining moment in the show, and the closing number really took me by surprise as the band launched into a rocky version of "I Know What I Like", and the expression on my face when they played this track must have been priceless. It certainly rounded off a great gig in fine style.

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Cut relax after a Top Gig at the Top Club

What impressed me most was the band's sheer enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of playing together, and although not all of the music was to my taste personally, it nevertheless was carried by their determination and I am sure that the German tour will be a great success and s deservedly so! Hopefully the band will be playing some gigs here in the UK later in the year, and on this showing fans will certainly enjoy themselves if that is the case but remember to bring your earplugs!