"ReGenesis Re-born" - ReGenesis's first shows with their new singer. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Well, we have had a few months to recover from Glyn's departure prior to Christmas and the band have not wasted any time in finding a replacement for him. How does Tony Patterson - the new guy - shape up? Well, we shall see...

Ironically enough, the band's first gig with Tony took place at The Orange in London which was where I first clapped eyes on the band almost three years ago. On first appearances, as he emerged through the clouds of dry ice, to the strains of "Watcher Of The Skies", he looked suspiciously like Glyn and in fact if it wasn't for the fact that I could see Glyn elsewhere in the crowd, I would have thought that some practical joke was being played on us.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth, it was obvious that Tony was of an entirely different character to his predecessor. He doesn't look like Glyn or Peter Gabriel for that matter, but by God; he sure as hell sounds like Gabriel!

The band have also taken this change in personnel as an opportunity to try out several "new" numbers and I was surprised and delighted by the inclusion of "Can Utility & The Coastliners" which was delivered exquisitely. The story of Old Henry's Musical Box followed and Tony came in for some good-natured stick from certain members of the audience who recognised the bootleg which he had lifted his introduction from. Never mind; the performance of this classic track was greatly augmented by Tony's flute playing, yes, the flute wasn't merely a stage prop, he can play it!

Another great surprise was the inclusion of "The Battle Of Epping Forest" which was greatly appreciated by yours truly. If the band (and Tony in particular) were looking a little nervous, their nerves were assuaged by the crowd's reaction to "Supper's Ready" which simply gets better and was delivered perfectly by one and all. Unusually that didnít signal the end of the show proper and we were treated to an extended "Lamb Stew" in the shape of "Cuckoo Cocoon" and "In The Cage" before we took another trip back to "The Cinema Show" and the truly glorious "Los Endos" which rounded off the show proper and left the crowd howling for more.

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ReGenesis new boy, Tony Patterson

Of course, we didn't have long to wait before they returned to the stage with the "Cosmic Lawn Mower" routine of "I Know What I Like" and the harsh drama of "The Knife" which completed the show and left us in no doubt that ReGenesis had definitely been re-born and may rise to even greater heights than before. The trip to the Midlands the following weekend for the band's show there was amply rewarded by extra numbers including a storming version of the evergreen classic "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" which was a delight to hear.

Over the last few years I have taken this band to my heart and it has to be said that they can still "do the business" and leave me exhilarated and exhausted at the same time - thanks again guys, you have made this happy fan very old!