"Peter Gabriel Il Trasformista" - the new biography of Peter Gabriel by Mario Giammetti. Review by Alan Hewitt.

I have had the pleasure now of knowing Mario for almost ten years and in that time he has managed to create in his own inimitable style not only one of the best Genesis fan magazines in the world, "Dusk", but a body of work on the band and its solo members which is deserving respect by any fan of the band.

This new book is Mario's third to be published and it takes a special and in depth look at the career of the band's former front man: Peter Gabriel. Once again, the text is drawn from a wide variety of sources all woven together with Mario's care and attention to detail I noticed with particular interest Mario's "Gig Guide" which I have avidly compared with my own which should appear as part of my own forthcoming book.

Mario however, has managed to tell Peter's story in far greater depth than I ever could and I only hope that at some stage this edition will be published in English so that I can fully appreciate the detail which Mario has given to the subject and even if you can't read the main text, the details such as the gig guide and discography/videography make this an indispensable addition for Peter's fans. Bravo, Mario!

Mario Giammetti, "Peter Gabriel Il Trasformista", Editions Arcana (Italian language edition)

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