"Private Videos and Pieces" - the recently issued "From Genesis to Revelation" and "The Meadows of Englewood" videos by Anthony Phillips. Review by Alan Hewitt.

At last! An Anthony Phillips video! Two, in fact! Many fans have bemoaned the fact that there was precious little video footage of Anthony and so these two videos are a nice addition to the canon of video material for his fans and Genesis fans in general.

The two videos have been produced by the Spanish video company Antropovision and are currently available either direct from them or via Voiceprint Records here in the UK. Each video contains footage of Anthony both in the studio and in conversation about his career both in Genesis and since his departure and includes rare footage of the great man at work in the studio. Running time is approximately 30 minutes each and both videos offer a tantalising glimpse into the work of this most prolific of musicians and, as such are another worthy addition to your video collection.