"Another view from the attic" - The Anthony Phillips Archive Collection Volume One. Review by Paul Hedges.

Anthony Phillips' Archive Collection Volume One is one of the most lovingly researched of albums I have ever seen and the music on it does not let the side down either! With a well balanced mix of tracks from 1969, the 70's and 80's and 90's fans old and new and the uninitiated will find something to interest them here.

With just over 74 minutes of music spread across twenty three tracks plus an extra twenty minutes on the limited edition CD EP there is something from every part of Anthony's career. Most of the tracks here are demos or alternative mixes of familiar titles but don't let that put you off at all. Some of the tracks here will inspire me to buy more of Ant's albums that I am missing but for me, the Phillips/Rutherford recordings are the jewel in the crown of this collection and include two minutes 48 seconds of F# (The Musical Box) which no serious Genesis collector can do without. Two questions though; why was it faded at the end? (The rest of the tape is not of suitable quality, Paul - AH) and will this appear on a Genesis set? (No - AH).

To sum up: an entertaining, well thought out album that is historically important, I think Pavilion and Waiting Room readers will agree.