"Optimistic Agrarian" - Chris Stewart's book "Driving Over Lemons". Review by Alan Hewitt.

When I was informed that Genesis' original drummer, Chris Stewart was to publish a book about his life as a hill farmer in Spain I was somewhat surprised for a variety of reasons; first and foremost because I had no idea that this was what Chris had taken up after his departure from the band all those years ago. Secondly I had reservations as to exactly how appealing such a story would be to the wider public.

Chris's book, "Driving Over Lemons", however, proved to be that rarity among books these days; a "right riveting read". Chris's style is straightforward and refreshing and the descriptions of the every day life on his farm, El Valero, make fascinating reading from his humorous description of his first meeting with his neighbours to the more detailed examinations of the hardships (and pleasures) that such an existence can create, it was simply a joy to read and certainly deserves its current position in the UK "Best sellers" lists. If you want a good book to read, you couldn't do better than giving this one a go and I have pleasure in recommending it to TWR readers everywhere - well done, Chris!

Chris Stewart: Driving over Lemons (An Optimist in Andalucia) published by "Sort of" Books, distributed by Penguin Books 6.99 (paperback).