"Living and Learning" - Daryl Stuermer's new album Live and Learn. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Daryl's album has been out for a while now although it has only been recently that I have been able to get my grubby little mitts on a copy. So what's it like?

The album starts off in typically rhythmic style with "Urban Island" which is an infectious little toe-tapper which wouldn't be out of place on one of Phil's efforts and also features some astonishing acoustic "picking" by Daryl. This is in turn followed by "Ice Ring" which as its title may suggest is an altogether slower paced track indeed very reminiscent of the motion of an ice skater on the move. "Morning Train" as its title would suggest is another up tempo piece complete with "train horn" effects from Daryl's guitar.

The title track follows and is another prime example of Daryl's fusion style and also features a vocal which compliments the laid back music very well. "American Fields" is definitely in the Bruce Springsteen anthemic style with a countrified "jig" rhythm which is sure to get your toes dancing again before the next track "River of Memories" brings everything to a more tranquil pace with some more exquisite acoustic work from Daryl further going to prove that this guy has to be one of the worlds best guitarists. The remaining tracks on this album demonstrate Daryl's talents even further and with several special "guests" including both Phil Collins and Amy Keys this is an album that won't disappoint fans of Daryl's work with Phil. I only hope that Daryl finds the time for further solo projects if they're as good as this I will certainly be looking out for them!

Daryl Stuermer: Live and Learn, Urban Island Music UIM0001.