"Another Side Of Genesis" - Daryl Stuermer's latest album. Review by Alan Hewitt.

A little late this review, I know but this album has been very tricky to get hold of but finally I managed it, thanks to a TWR reader (thanks Martin!).

This album is comprised of Daryl's own interpretations of some of his own Genesis favourites opening with a very swish and jazzy rendition of "Follow You Follow Me" followed by another lush translation of "Hold On My Heart" which demonstrates Daryl's fine acoustic playing something which we never really had the pleasure of seeing that much during his stint with Genesis.

"Taking It All Too Hard" is musically almost a demo version of the song itself only lacking in the vocal department and the same goes for "Throwing It All Away". "Since I Lost You" is perhaps the furthest removed from the original music with a delightful piano introduction - very "rainy night cocktails" before Daryl's acoustic guitar picks out the refrain.

"Land Of Confusion" showcases the rockier side of Daryl's playing with some mean licks before the pace is slowed down again by "In Too Deep" which once again could almost be described as a demo version of the song. "Turn It On Again" kicks some ass and once again demonstrates just what a vital ingredient Daryl's playing was to Genesis.

"Man on The Corner" slows things down again with a delightful stripped down piano and acoustic guitar version. "No Son Of Mine" once again gives us a look at Daryl's rock credentials with some awesome lead playing before the album ends with the lush harmonics of "Never A Time".

Some critics have been harsh on this album referring to it as "elevator music". Nothing could be further from the truth! Daryl has taken these songs which we know so well and taken them off in a slightly different direction while managing to showcase his own style of guitar playing which relies infinitely more on melody and which amply demonstrates why he became such an integral part of the Genesis sound so easily. A pleasant "easy listening" album but in the real definition of that term - this is a very easy album to listen to and well worth a listen if you can get it!

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