"It'll be alright on the night" - Invisible Touch at the Half Moon Pub in Putney, Sunday, August 27, 2000. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Well, it had been quite a while since I had last seen Invisible Touch and after a very hectic weekend which Mr. Woodward can tell you all about(?) I was looking forward to seeing the guys play again. I was especially intrigued by the "new" songs in the set which had been mentioned.

A small but enthusiastic crowd welcomed the band on stage and despite some technical difficulties they soon warmed to their theme. By the time they reached "One for The Vine" everything was on course for an excellent evening. Old favourites and not so old favourites came and went and I was delighted to hear the band's rendition of the 1983 medley including "Eleventh Earl Of Mar/Squonk/Firth Of Fifth" which although not always gelling quite as it should, was nevertheless played with gusto.

What had been the highlight of the band's performance last time I saw them somehow fell a little flat this time round. Dave's guitar rendition of "Horizons" threatened to come unglued and for once, "Blood On The Rooftops" didn't hit the magic spot for me - sorry guys! The audience however, were very enthusiastic about these two numbers as indeed they were about the rest of the set. The rest of the set drew upon the vast array of classics from the Genesis oeuvre and were played well, but not as well as I know the band can play them. In fairness to them, however, this was their first gig back after a lengthy lay-off and once the obvious kinks in the performance are ironed out by regular performances, then I am sure normal service will be resumed!