"Re-opening the X Files" - "Genesis X-File 1" by Yashima Tsukamoto. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Well, this book literally arrived through my letter box the other day (or some time earlier if you are reading the paper version of this review!) and came as quite a surprise!

As its title suggests, this modest little time goes in to great detail concerning the live and studio bootleg recordings of the band which have appeared in Japan. In style and format it is very similar to Max Demont's superb offering on Genesis singles a few years ago. Here are enough details on these naughty recordings to satisfy even the most ardent of collectors. And fortunately for us, the details are in a combination of both Japanese and English which certainly makes this a highly useful effort and with the author stating that a second volume is in preparation, I think this book may well go some way towards reaching the parts that other Genesis books (my own included) have not reached!

Another very useful to the Genesis library - for further details, the author may be reached at the following e-mail address: vzw01121@nifty.ne.jp.

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