"Far from FAded" - The first FAde Genesis fan release. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Tying in with Andy's reminiscences, the timely arrival of his recording by the FAde project team makes a nice compliment to the above feature...

This project has been much talked about on several of the Internet news groups over the past year or so and I was curious to see what the end result would be like. There had been much discussion over which recording to take as the first for the series - which is in itself a great idea: a series high quality live recordings spanning the band's (and solo members eventually) history and all for the cost of the disc and postage... no profit margins here, folks!

Anyway, the first recording happens to be from "The Lamb..." and is ostensibly from the famous second night at Birmingham's Hippodrome on May 2, 1975 - Gabriel's last UK appearance with the band. Already a good recording, available under several titles here it has been lovingly cleaned up and enhanced until it is now a recording of real quality. The two disc cover the entire show including the encores of "The Musical Box" and "The Knife", although I suspect from what a friend of mine who was at both of these shows told me, that the encores are, in fact, from the first night. Who cares! The quality of the recording itself is what matters and this one scores over any other version of this show that I have heard (and that's a fair few, folks!) and I am sure that any fans of "The Lamb..." in particular and anyone looking for a good quality recording from this period would do well to get this one - and save yourself a packet into the bargain!

Oh, in case anyone is wondering what FAde stands for it is: "Fan Approved Definitive Edition".

Track Listing Disc One: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / Fly On A Windshield / Broadway Melody Of 1974 / Cuckoo Cocoon / In The Cage / The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging / The Story Of Rael (Part 1) / Back In NYC / Hairless Heart / Counting Out Time / The Carpet Crawlers / The Chamber Of 32 Doors / The Story Of Rael (Part 2) / Lilywhite Lilith / The Waiting Room
Disc Two: Anyway / The Supernatural Anaesthetist / The Lamia / Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats / The Colony Of Slippermen / Ravine / The Light Dies Down On Broadway / Riding The Scree / In The Rapids / It / The Musical Box / The Knife
Label / Catalogue Number FAde 001
Venue Birmingham Hippodrome
Date of Recording May 2, 1975

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The FAde001 cover art