"Taking a look Inside & Out" - Robin Platts' new book on Genesis - "Inside & Out". Review by Alan Hewitt.

I was somewhat surprised to hear that another book on the band was being prepared and delighted to hear that its author, Robin Platts, had managed to do what had eluded us here at TWR for almost fifteen years: catch up with the elusive Mick Barnard. I was naturally curious to see what new light his comments and Platts work in general would bring to the growing field of works on our favourite band.

The first thing that struck me about the book itself was its great use of illustrations which was something that I was sadly not able to do with my own book, due to constraints of space and cost etc. Many of the illustrations were of items I had not seen before and were of great interest although the inclusion of the album sleeves for the standard editions of the band's catalogue was, in my opinion somewhat irrelevant but more than compensated by the wealth of bootlegs and other memorabilia that accompany the text.

Textually, Platts has managed to bring some interesting observations to the subject and it is interesting to hear what some of the people who have worked with the band have to say on the subject and I found David Hentschel and Marcus Bicknell's comments particularly interesting. Yes, there are mistakes and in particular the reference on page 78 to "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" album which in fact is not "The Lamb..." at all but a rather sad compilation album put out, as Platts rightly observes, to cash in on Phil's profile. But hey, we all make mistakes, don't we? I know I certainly did, and the candour and obvious enthusiasm for his subject more than make up for these minor details. Another worthwhile addition to a Genesis fan's collection...? Certainly. The last word on the band...? Probably not.

Robin Platts, "Genesis Inside & Out", Collectors Guide Publishing Inc, ISBN 1-896522-71-8. 11.95 (UK), $14.95 (USA), $18.95 (Canada).

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