"All in a G2enesis night" - G2enesis at the Moses Gate Bolton, Wednesday, October 3, 2001. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Well, it took a long time for me to get round to see these guys but with much pestering from a certain singer in another tribute band (thanks, John), I finally made the trip to Bolton to see these guys for myself. Apparently this tour was being billed as their "Seconds Out" tour and so I settled myself in with a trusty pint and waited for the fun to begin...

Opening their set with "Squonk" was certainly a brave move and I was amazed at how well the performance was carried off with full and vocal participation from the enthusiastic crowd. This was going to be a very memorable night! They followed this with "The Cinema Show" and the abbreviated "Musical Box" faithfully rendered from the Seconds Out tour both of which had me screaming for more. Musically, these performances were faultless and to follow that with "Firth Of Fifth" where both Neale Worley and Chris Cawte on keyboards and guitar respectively shared equal honours and received well deserved applause. "

The excitement was quietened down a bit for a stunning performance of "Carpet Crawlers" before Terry Day led us through the story of Harry the criminal and the extended Vaudeville routine that is "Robbery, Assault and Battery" in which everyone performed their parts to perfection. A wonderful acoustic "Horizons" took us into the extended majesty of "Supper's Ready" which certainly got the crowd going.

For me though, the highlight of the entire show followed with blinding performances of two personal favourites: "Entangled" and "Ripples" both of which had me thinking I was listening to Genesis themselves and not a tribute band - can't say fairer than that now, can I? The rest of the show was far from anticlimactic however. Everyone was soon singing along to "I Know What I Like" and listening with rapt attention to "More Fool Me".

I freely admit that I didn't actually see their performance of "Blood On The Rooftops" - a song which has taken on even more special significance for me recently. The tears continued to flow as they stormed through the might instrumental overture that is "Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers/In That Quiet Earth" and the glorious finale that is "Afterglow". I didn't think there would be anyone with a voice left after this performance but everyone managed to find hidden reserves from somewhere for the encores of "Dance On A Volcano" and "Los Endos" which had everyone shouting for more and I was pleased to see that I was not the only one air drumming through the latter track!

That was it, two hours plus had flashed by like ten minutes, always the sign of an enjoyable gig and the band took their well deserved bows. They had given 110% and that had been recognised by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Genesis audience. Have no doubts, G2enesis will be back - and I can't wait!

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G2enesis - left to right: Chris Cawte, Jeff Walker,
David Wilk, Terry Day, Neale Worley