"Dancing on to DVD" - Genesis' "The Way We Walk - Live In Concert" double DVD. Review by Alan Hewitt.

So, Genesis finally drag their live concert videos into the twenty-first century with this massive beast spread over two DVDs. Capturing the band at the height of their success during the massive We Can't Dance tour in 1992, the DVD brings the entire "Genesis Concert Experience" into your living room.

The original video release of this show back in 1993 was superb, Genesis live videos have always been special and this one was no exception. With the added bonuses that the new DVD format brings, however, this package is a totally new experience. For a start thanks to state of the art video streaming, you can control the camera angle and if you want, watch every nuance of Mike or Tony's musical skills and learn how that elusive chord progression was actually played live.

For those of you interested in the band's thoughts on their gigs, there is also the possibility of listening to a full track-by-track commentary by the guys themselves including some amusing comments by all three of them. Genesis' sound has always been impeccable and the 5.1 surround sound on this release has to be heard in its proper setting to be believed, it really is almost as if you are in that huge barn of a hall all over again. All of this will take you eight hours to get through including the photo archive and repro of the original tour programme, there is enough to keep any fan happy. Or, if you simply prefer it, watch the video as a live concert - either way you can't really lose and fans who either never saw the shows or missed the live video when it was available in the shops, are in for a treat - excellent stuff all round!

Genesis: "The Way We Walk - Live In Concert", Gut Vision GUTDVD1