"The Way We Walk - Genesis Live In Concert" - another look at the new double DVD. Review by Phil Kershaw.

Not having seen any live footage of Genesis since the "Mama Tour" video, this was going to be an interesting one for me. Considering that there was talk at the time of the groups' imminent demise - I was pleasantly surprised how together the band actually were. As with all Genesis concerts, we have come to expect top notch performances and they don't disappoint. The usual crystal clear sound is enhanced by the excellent 5.1 surround sound remix; added to the pristine picture quality and this is a fine transfer to DVD.

The show opens with "Land Of Confusion", which Tony Banks referred to as an "up" starter to the concert. Phil's vocals are on top form as he effortlessly takes us through "No Son Of Mine" and the epic "Driving The Last Spike". Daryl Stuermer displays some nifty fretwork during "Firth Of Fifth" - part of the "Old Medley" which is nice to see, comprising bits of "Dance On A Volcano" and the end section of "The Musical Box" amongst others.

The more mainstream pop songs such as "Jesus He Knows Me", "Hold On My Heart" and "Invisible Touch" actually come off quite well compared with the longer songs. My particular favourite is a brilliant extended version of "Home By The Sea". This classic ghost story is supplemented by creepy back projections, eerie lighting and atmospheric keyboards from Tony.

What strikes me is that the band are actually enjoying themselves, especially on "I Can't Dance" where Phil leads Mike and Daryl on a sponsored walk on and off the stage. I am sure that if Tony had one of those portable keyboards, he would have been off with them too!

The Extras: the 5.1 surround sound works well and is particularly noticeable on "Dreaming While You Sleep" and "The Drum Thing". What I particularly like are the multi camera angles, where one minute you can view the band and stage sets from the back of the arena and the next be looking over Tony's shoulder during one of his solos. The interviews and live commentary are informative without being too deep, but are a little on the short side.

Although over eight hours of footage requires the use of two discs; my only gripe is that I have got to walk across the living room floor to put on the second disc halfway through the concert . Anyway, I suppose the exercise will do me good! Finally, this is a welcome addition to the current Genesis DVD output. All we need now is a concert DVD from the 1970's. I wonder whether I can still get into my purple loon pants and cheesecloth shirt... hmmm?!