"Bringing in the tribute" - TWR takes a look at some of the Genesis tribute CDs which have been released over the last few years. Review by Alan Hewitt.

In view of the recent spate of CDs by some of the bands who are currently playing the music of one member of Genesis or another, I thought it might be useful to introduce you to the newer releases by several of the newer bands on the scene - starting with the newcomers...

Acoustic Moods: "Total Genesis"

I recently received this disc having heard quite a few comments about the band from a variety of sources. I was quite surprised to see that the band was comprised of three members and featured acoustic instrumental renditions of several Genesis classics. Drawing heavily on the "A Trick of the Tail" album, the musicians present a delightful acoustic performance of many of my favourite Genesis tracks - in particular "Ripples" and the "Trick Suite" - were superbly performed and highly enjoyable. I hope to have the chance to see this band at some point in the future, and heartily recommend this disc to any Genesis fan.

Total Genesis: No Son Of Mine (live)/Entangled/Squonk/Cuckoo Cocoon (live)/Follow You Follow Me/Ripples/A Trick of the Tail/Congo (live)/Fading Lights/Driving The Last Spike (Live)/Afterglow/Blood on The Rooftops (live)/Trick Suite (Live): A Trick Of The Tail-Entangled-Ripples-Los Endos-Squonk

Contact details: chris@acousticmoods.co.uk, http://www.acousticmoods.co.uk/

Face Value: Face Value

A sampler CD put together by the members of Face Value and one which amply demonstrates the collective talents of the musicians. Having seen them perform a few times over the last few months, these guys provide a highly enjoyable performance of most of Genesis and Phil Collins' classic hits and the selection on this disc represents some of the highlights of their current live set- another enjoyable effort.

Face Value: Mama/Jesus He Knows Me/Many Too Many/No Son of Mine/Afterglow (acoustic version)/Land of Confusion/Follow You Follow Me/Invisible Touch

Contact details: jwilkinson@lineone.net, http://website.lineone.net/~jwilkinson/

Sledgehammer: Steam

At long last, a tribute band which covers the immense catalogue of music by Peter Gabriel. This disc represents a rehearsal session by the band who are currently working up to their first proper gigs but on this showing, I am sure they will be well received in concert.

Sledgehammer: Come Talk To Me/Steam/On The Air/Games Without Frontiers/Kiss That Frog/Shaking The Tree/Don't Give Up/Big Time/Digging In The Dirt/Here Comes The Flood/Solsbury Hill/Sledgehammer/Red Rain/Secret World/In Your Eyes/Biko