"The bubble has definitely not burst!" - The second FAde project, Genesis at Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, April 13, 1976. Review by Alan Hewitt.

While on the subject of bootlegs, it would be very remiss of me not to mention this, the second FAde project release. As with their previous effort, the Birmingham 75 show, this recording has been lovingly restored from a variety of sources to bring you the entire gig including the radio announcer's introduction which was strangely enough tagged on at the end of the recording!

Anyway, to the music. This show is from the band's US tour in support of the "A Trick Of The Tail" album and serves as a brilliant indicator of just how excellent a show the band put on at this most crucial phase in their story. This recording to me, at least, is the way that all live albums should be made - complete with "nowt taken out". Oldies and newies mingle happily here with wonderful performances of such classics as the glorious "Lamb casserole" medley and "White Mountain" alongside the "new stuff", with powerful renderings of "Dance On A Volcano" and "Entangled" to name but two.

The people responsible for putting this project together have spared no effort in trying to locate the best quality recordings of this broadcast, and short of the band or the radio station in question issuing this show themselves, it is hard to see how this one can be beaten for quality, and it even comes complete with a nifty booklet with full colour artwork and sleeve notes by someone whose name eludes me at the moment...!

Genesis - Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PA USA, April 13 1976, Fan Approved Definitive Edition FAde002. Disc One: Dance On A Volcano / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / Fly On A Windshield / The Carpet Crawlers / The Cinema Show / Robbery Assault & Battery / White Mountain / Firth Of Fifth. Disc Two: Entangled / Squonk / Supper's Ready / I Know What I Like / Los Endos / It - Watcher Of The Skies / radio broadcast announcements.

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The cover art for FAde 002