"A definite eye for detail!" - The recent i4Detail series of live recordings. Review by Alan Hewitt.

Over the years, TWR has usually steered clear of bootlegs unless readers have contributed info on this most vexed of subjects. However, over the last couple of years in particular, and mainly due to the rise of the internet, there are now several "organisations" dedicated to bringing high quality recordings to the fans at either no cost or minimal cost, thus avoiding any potential legal pitfalls. You will have already read about one of these organisations, the Fan Approved Definitive Edition group (or FAde as it is more usually known) and indeed, their second release is reviewed elsewhere in these pages.

i4Detail is another group of people with the same objective in mind: bringing the music to the fans through a series of high quality recording which, like the FAde releases, are traded and not sold among the fan community - thus beating the bootleggers at their own game! They have even designed nifty artwork for the discs themselves a further indication of the care with which these discs have been prepared.

So far, the i4Detail team have released three complete concert recordings documenting three completely different periods of the band's history. Here we provide all the information you need to know about these three recordings.

Click to see full-size picture Title Genesis: Albert In Wonderland
Venue Sheffield City Hall
Date April 17, 1980
Track Listing CD1: Deep in The Motherlode / Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / Carpet Crawlers / Squonk / One For The Vine / Behind The Lines - Duchess - Guide Vocal - Turn It on Again - Duke's Travels - Duke's End / The Lady Lies
CD2: Say It's Alright, Joe / Ripples / In The Cage / Afterglow* / Follow You Follow Me / Dance On A Volcano / Los Endos / I Know What I Like
* from Lyceum Ballroom, May 5, 1980
Reference Number i4Detail01
Quality 9/10
Notes This recording has been available before as a Japanese release. This recording however, is to my ears at least significantly better in quality than the Japanese recording although due to a lack of access of a master recording, the I4Detail people have merged tracks from that recording with their own source recording. The resulting discs are a polished and highly enjoyable rendering of this typically ebullient Duke show and make a welcome addition to any collection.
Click to see full-size picture Title Genesis: The Domino Principle
Venue London Wembley Stadium
Date July 4, 1987
Track Listing CD1: Mama / Abacab / Domino / That's All / The Brazilian / In The Cage - In That Quiet Earth - Afterglow / Land Of Confusion
CD2: Tonight, Tonight, Tonight / Throwing It All Away / Home By The Sea - Second Home By The Sea / Invisible Touch / Drum Duet / Los Endos / Turn It On Again medley
Reference Number i4Detail02
Quality 10/10
Notes The Domino Principle, which as its title suggests, is taken from the 1986/87 "Invisible Touch" tour. The recording in question is the band's final night at Wembley Stadium at the end of the massive tour in support of the album of that name. Once again, this recording has been available before but the team have taken an already excellent recording and given it some extra dynamics and an impressive live feel.
Click to see full-size picture Title Genesis: The Last Dance
Venue Knebworth Park
Date August 2, 1992
Track Listing CD1: Land Of Confusion / No Son Of Mine / Driving The Last Spike / Dance On A Volcano - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - The Musical Box - Firth of Fifth - I Know What I Like / Throwing It All Away / Fading Lights / Jesus he Knows Me
CD2: Home By The Sea - Second Home By The Sea / Hold On My Heart / Domino / Drum Duet / I Can't Dance / Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Invisible Touch / Turn It On Again
Reference Number i4Detail03
Quality 10/10
Notes The final release by the team to date is the Knebworth 1992 broadcast. Once again, a final night of a highly successful tour, captured in all its glory by both television and radio. Titled "The Last Dance", this recording brilliantly captures the band on top form at the end of another successful tour. A complete set is lovingly presented here for your enjoyment.

Thanks to the i4Detail team for these recordings and hopefully for many more!