"ReGenesis Revisited" - ReGenesis in concert at the New Roscoe, Leeds, March 24, 2002. Review by Alan Hewitt.

ReGenesis returned to their usual haunts this time round, with a set spanning most of the Gabriel era output. Once again, they managed to find a salubrious watering hole to perform in! The New Roscoe is situated in a less than central area of Leeds, but that did not stop the punters who filled the venue to the rafters.

This was my first opportunity to see the band with their new keyboard player, Piers de Lavison about whom I had heard so much(!). The band emerged on stage to their usual extended intro music, which I must admit is becoming a tad cliched now boys, and Tony walked to the front of stage dressed as our old friend, the Watcher Of The Skies, to a roar of approval from the crowd.

"Dancing With The Moonlit Knight" and "The Musical Box" were as faultlessly performed as ever, and in fact Piers added a definite edge to the latter aided and abetted by Steve and Andy's guitar and bass playing. "Get 'Em Out By Friday" was certainly a surprise for me and a welcome one.

"The Cinema Show" and "The Fountain Of Salmacis" certainly benefited from a new dimension which Piers brought to the keyboard parts, and Jamie's drumming certainly came into its own here, too. "Supper's Ready" rounded off the show proper and it was difficult to see how the band could possibly top this performance really, but they did with a slew of encores which simply left everyone baying for more - me included!

I know that I was not the most enthusiastic reporter of the band's sally into "Lamb..." territory last time round in TWR, sadly it just didn't cut the mustard for me, but this performance served to remind me exactly why I began to go and watch tribute bands in the first place - excellent stuff all round!

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