"Have grand piano will travel" - Genesis For Two Grand Pianos. Review by Alan Hewitt.

The arrival of this album through the auspices of Camino Records was quite a surprise. I had heard about the two guys who perform this music a while ago and had the pleasure of meeting them at the pre-gig gathering before The Musical Box's London show.

Finding an original angle for a tribute to Genesis these days must be difficult. There are so many bands performing the music to such a high standard that it is difficult to imagine where another such band might fit. Fortunately, Yngve and Thore have managed to do exactly that.

The selection of tracks on this album has obviously been drawn from the most orchestrally inspired pieces and to be honest several of the renditions here remind me of the solo piano albums which Anthony Phillips has released. There is a quiet elegance about the music and the performances are faultless in their execution and serve as a useful reminder of exactly why Genesis are regarded as an "orchestral" rock band. I have no doubts that this album will not be everyone's cup of tea but it certainly is mine- give it a listen!

Genesis For Two Grand Pianos - Camino Records CAMCD28

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