Far From Faded (Pt1) - The latest edition of the FAde project: Genesis Milton Keynes Concert Bowl 2nd October 1982. Review by Alan Hewitt.

The latest edition of FAde features a concert I remember VERY well indeed! Most Genesis fans would have sold their granny to be at the reunion between the band and its former front man; Peter Gabriel. As one of the lucky sixty or so thousand who were at this gig, I remember it for a variety of reasons... first it was a bloody ridiculous day to perform an open air gig in the UK! Second I distinctly remember a lady dancing...yes DANCING in stiletto heels in front of me during John Martyn's set and wondering how the hell she was doing it while I could barely move in the mud. And third; and above all - the music!

This was my only chance to see the Genesis line up that everyone regarded as the "classic" one performing songs I had grown to love and admire. The Gods did not shine on us with the weather but the atmosphere at the gig was astonishing. From the moment when Jonathan King made his overblown announcement and Peter emerged onstage from a white coffin of all things; this was one gig that was going to live on in the memory!

Ah yes... every track is still engraved on my memory. Certainly not a perfect performance by any means; lines were missed and there were bum notes aplenty but no one cared. The band themselves were evidently enjoying themselves and it was great to see the guys belting out classic after classic. And to cap it all; after the final bars of Supper's Ready faded out; another surprise was waiting: Steve Hackett! I nearly died when he emerged on stage for the encores of I Know What I Like and The Knife but there he was with a huge grin on his face clearly enjoying the moment every bit as much as we were!

This recording represents a LOT of hard work on the part of the FAde committee to track down as good a performance of this legendary gig as possible. Obviously, from an audience point of view; the weather ensured that any audience recording was marred to some extent, and unfortunately; the band's own mix desk recording of the gig was not made available to them (can't think why!). Nevertheless, the recording presented here represents a significant improvement over previous efforts and certainly should be a part of any Genesis fan's collection.

Genesis: Milton Keynes Concert Bowl Saturday 2nd October 1982 (2 CD set FAde03)

Disc One: Into by J King/Back In NYC/Carpet Crawlers/Firth Of Fifth/The Musical Box/Solsbury Hill/Turn It On Again/The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Fly On A Windshield/Broadway Melody Of '74/In The Cage

Disc Two: Supper's Ready/I Know What I Like/The Knife

Quality Rating: 9
Source: Audience